Museum of Science and Industry shows off wearable tech that can turn you into a superhero!

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Wired to Wear exhibit opens at the Museum of Science and Industry on Thursday, March 21, and features many wearable designs that will make you think the future is here.

Richard Browning, the creator of the gravity jet suit, demonstrated the flight with his invention on Wednesday and admits the first time testing his invention was a little terrifying, but every good invention starts with a good idea.

"My wife probably thought I was a little crazy, but kept the faith," he joked.

While the jet suit won't be used for any practical reasons any time soon, the pieces in the exhibit will get you thinking.

"One of the biggest takeaways that people can take from this exhibit is that our clothes are about to get really exciting," exhibit curator Kathleen McCarthy said.

Some of the wearable technology is extremely practical, like a coat that barks when you get too close to it. It's meant for those who don't like crowds, or maybe walk home alone late at night.

There's also a dress that can detect if you are lying or thinking about lying, and a jean jacket that is compatible with the technology of your smartphone, and able to connect.

The youngest creator in the exhibit is a 13-year-old disabilities activist who created a prosthetic limb that shoots glitter. She was born without an arm and wants to spread the message that disabilities don't have to be sad.

"It's definitely a joy spreader," said Jordan Reeves. "No matter how you look or who you are, you can do anything. You can make an arm that shoots glitter if you want to."
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