Meet the woman behind the Teddy Bear Toyota viral photo

HOUSTON -- A photo of a giant teddy bear strapped to the back of a Toyota on a Houston freeway went viral, and now we know the story behind the stuffed animal.

Bessy Pensamiento says she was moving to Houston and couldn't fit the bear inside her car.

"The only way I can take him, is to strap him really good so, that's what I did," said Bessy.

Bessy was worried she would get a ticket, "I made sure that the license plate wasn't covered, and the turning signals weren't covered for everybody's safety ."

Bessy did have an encounter with an officer, but said he gave her a "thumbs up."

"Everybody on the freeway was so happy, they were smiling, so I'm glad Teddy could bring a smile on peoples faces," said Bessy.
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