Teen fights for life after being diagnosed with rare cancer 2 weeks ago

CLAY, Ala. (WLS) -- An Alabama teen is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer just two weeks ago.

Fourteen-year-old Cody Tucker was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer typically discovered in children aged only 1 to 5, WBMA reports.

"The doctor walked in and said he had cancer. I lost it," said Braxton Cain, Cody's best friend.

"It made me realize how much life means to us," said Caleb Medici, another of Cody's best friends.

Braxton, Caleb and Cody have been friends since they were 5 years old playing T-ball together.

The day Cody was diagnosed, they had just finished playing basketball.

After complaining about severe back pains, they immediately took him to the ER, thinking he would get some pain medicine and everything would be okay. That was not the case.

His grandmother, Londa Tucker, said it feels like they are living a big nightmare.

"Every day we're getting a different something and this thing is growing so fast. Who would've dreamed in two weeks he wouldn't be able to walk," she said.

From his diagnosis to now, he has lost strength from his chest down and the tumor has now reached his spine.

"He's not eating. They took surgery off the table completely. They are just going to approach this thing with chemo," Tucker said.

At 14, it's hard not to think the worst about his diagnosis. But with the support of his friends pushing him every step of the way, they're hoping Cody can finish strong.

"I love you and I'm praying for you every night," Caleb said.

"You're going to beat this. I promise and I love you," Braxton said.

Cody's coach, Derrick Cain, has promised him a traveling baseball team as soon as he recovers.

His grandmother is disabled and is doing all she can to financially support his treatments. As of now, doctors are considering sending him to Atlanta for further treatment. The community hopes to assist the best way they can and have already donated more than $4,000.
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