Texas police officer accused of attempted sexual assault with teen reported as a runaway

HOUSTON -- A Texas police officer is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a teen girl he was assigned to investigate after she was reported as a runaway.

Aaron Isaac Mayes, 36, has been charged with solicitation of a minor, witness tampering and attempted sexual assault of a child.

According to court documents, Mayes went to the home of the 16-year-old girl back in March with another deputy to speak with the girl's mother about her whereabouts.

Although the two deputies discovered the girl was at home and not missing, the case was mysteriously never closed, records show.

In June, another deputy went to the home to check on the girl when the mother reported the inappropriate behavior. She said a relative alerted her.

According to court records, the mother told investigators Mayes seemed interested in the 16-year-old, but believed he simply cared "beyond the scope of the law enforcement duties," and believed it was "in a healthy way."

After speaking with the girl, the mother was able to view screenshots from Instagram conversations between the teen and a profile attributed to Mayes, which included sexually explicit pictures. It also included an exchange in which Mayes offered her $80 in cash.

When questioned, Mayes initially denied knowing the girl, and said he was trying to mentor her to help her avoid the path of drugs, alcohol and prostitution.

Mayes and the girl had allegedly been communicating since March through a cell phone he purchased over a year ago, court records show.

He told investigators he bought the phone for another teen who was supposed to help him make sure the girl was safe, and that it was that teen who sent the explicit messages, according to records.

After reviewing Mayes' phone, investigators said they found videos of him having sex with someone while wearing his work uniform as the Precinct 4 radio channel played in the background.

Other files were recovered where Mayes was seen on camera having sexual relations with women in cars, rooms and other undetermined settings, all while wearing his uniform.

He was arrested after the girl's mother picked him out of a photo line-up, and was forced to surrender his badge and ID. He was also asked not to have contact with anyone related to the case, pending the outcome.

Mayes has since bonded out of jail and is expected to be back in court Monday.
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