Texas principal drives 800 miles to visit every graduating senior

It took 12 days and several tanks of gas, but this principal set out to make sure his students knew he cared for them.

Monday, May 4, 2020
Texas principal drives 800 miles to see every senior
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We love to see it! After several tanks of gas and nearly two weeks, this is the journey one principal took to see all his seniors.

WYLIE, Texas -- A Texas high school principal drove 800 miles to help give seniors his own version of graduation since they will miss it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

High school principal Virdie Montgomery and his wife tried to visit all 612 seniors in a journey that took 12 days.

"Virdie has gone all around to every single senior, and he's cared about all of us since day one," said senior Megan Emmert.

"We were doing some things for them, but I just never felt like I had done enough. So I said the next best thing is just to go see them. So that's what I did. My wife and I hooked up in a car, and for the last 12 days, we've been on the road," Montgomery told KTVT.

Virdie's wife, Pam, called the trip a "monumental task," but one that was worth it.

"It was generally a great, great thing," she said.

"I just want them to know I care for them. Yeah. I can tear up real easy talking about them, but we tried to give them everything that we could possibly do within the guidelines," Virdie said.

On top of visiting the seniors, the Montgomerys also took the time to participate in a drive-by birthday celebration for one of the students.

"He has a heart for all, every single one of us, and he really loves us. He will forever be a great principal," Emmert said.

See how the visits turned out by watching the video in the player above.