Nicole Pearl shares how to atone for summer beauty sins

The founder of, Nicole Pearl, stops by "Windy City Live" to share solutions for summer beauty sins.

The products featured include:

Summer Sin: Sunblock Fail - Solution: Jafra Royal Revitalize Longevity Balm
- If you didn't use enough sun protection or missed a spot, this is where a soothing, anti-aging moisturizer comes into play.
- Contains Royal Jelly, which is extremely nourishing & rich in proteins. In fact, royal jelly is the ingredient that increases the lifespan of the Queen Bee 40x to that of other bees.
- It's got a nice, light texture & absorbs quickly.
- $70;

Summer Sin: Sun Worshipper - Solution: The HALO
- As summer winds down, now is the time to incorporate a professional in-office treatment to address your sun damage whether it's on your face, neck or hands.
- This is the first laser that targets several issues such as brown spots, texture, acne scars, & lines at once.
- Minimal downtime so you can do it during your lunch hour.
- Average cost is about $1,300 per treatment;

Summer Sin: Sipping Colored Cocktails - Solution: Smile Box
- They may be delicious, but research shows dark-colored drinks like Sangria are the worst for your teeth.
- An effective whitener, developed by a dentist, that will give you an instant boost but is gentle enough for daily use on sensitive teeth.

- The foam can be used on its own or can be mixed with your favorite toothpaste.
- $19.99 for 1 month supply

Summer Sin: Health Hiatus Solution: Arivale
- Between summer travel & festivals, it's easy to get off track with your health.
- Is a new program that analyzes your genetics & pairs you with a coach so you can take control of your health.
- If weight-loss is a goal, you'll find out if you're sensitive to fats or carbs to determine what diet is most effective for you & will have a registered dietician guiding you.
- Nicole is doing the program to monitor her stress, & her personal coach provides insights & tools that work with her lifestyle.
- The company wants everyone to enjoy the program and its benefits at 50% off, so use the code NICOLE to save $100.
-; $99 with the code NICOLE

Summer Sin: Stubborn Stubble - Solution: Nad's Body Wax Strips
- Instead of shaving every few days, try waxing, which keeps you hair free for up to 8 weeks.
- These are ready to use & work on the entire body, leaving you with smooth skin. Just rub, peel and go.
- $8.99;

Summer Sin: Workout-aholic - Solution: Cryotherapy
- We're more active in the summer, but this can lead to soar muscles & joint pain, especially if you're not stretching before & after exercise.
- A fast, non-invasive way to relieve aches and inflammation is with Cryotherapy.
- You stand in a chamber from the neck down in -250 degrees for 3 minutes.
- It helps to relieve sore muscles, joint pain & inflammation.
- You can do this treatment at The CryoBar, which has two locations in Chicago, & they've just added body contouring & facial toning to their services.
- $40 for one treatment new clients;

Summer Sin: Fried Hair - Solution: Mario Tricoci Rejuvenate Hair Treatment
- Chlorine and UV exposure damages hair, but you can restore your locks in one step with a professional deep conditioning treatment.
- Mario Tricoci Hair Salons just introduced this & it infuses keratin & argan oil into the hair to increase moisture & reduce frizz.
- $35; Mario Tricoci Hair Salons and Day Spas,

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