'I'd never done it before': IN deputy speaks out after saving choking woman with Heimlich | Video

ByJeanne Moos, CNN
Monday, May 8, 2023
Indiana deputy speaks out after saving choking woman
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A Noble County, IN deputy is speaking out after saving a choking woman on the side of the road with the Heimlich maneuver.

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. -- An Indiana sheriff's deputy is speaking out after saving a woman from choking on the side of the road.

It's one thing to do the Heimlich on a dummy.

But Deputy Jerry Weber was captured on his dashcam doing the real thing, CNN reported.

"I'd never done it before. I've never even seen it done, so wondering to myself, is this gonna work?" Noble County Sheriff's Deputy Weber said.

Weber heard the call from a passing motorist come in over 911 live.

He arrived in less than a minute.

"She was trying to talk to me but was unable to talk. She was again doing the universal choking sign," Weber said.

She was also turning red.

She positioned her back to the deputy, and he started abdominal thrusts.

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"I was afraid I was gonna hurt her, so I did it three or four times. I stopped. Can you breathe yet? OK, yet? No," he said.

So he kept going.

The eighth thrust was the charm; though, at first, no food came out.

"So, she said something. What she actually said is 'Ow, my back, my back,'" Weber said.

And then she expelled what was stuck.

"I believe she said it was French fries, actually," Weber said.

The deputy described her as very grateful.

He said she was living in her car.

Weber said the lesson learned from the experience is that the Heimlich works.

"That's a good feeling, knowing that it actually works," he said.