Veteran Surprise with Volunteers of America of Illinois

Our friends at The Room Place love to give back to the community. In honor of this Memorial Day, they wanted to help out some deserving veterans, so we got in touch with Volunteers of America of Illinois. They help out all sorts of people in need, but they have an extensive program to help homeless veterans get housing through their Hope Manor complexes - vets can get housing there and once they've established themselves, VOA of IL helps them secure more permanent housing.

They told us the story of two veterans - Sherry Hawkins and Willie Brazell, and we knew The Room Place could help! So we told them they were coming on WCL as part of a story on the VOA of IL, but they are really here to get a huge surprise! The Room Place is going to furnish their new homes - from living room, dining room to the bedrooms!

Also - The Room Place has a huge Memorial Day sale going on now through Monday 5/28/18 - take an extra 20% off and get zero financing for 5 years! For more information - visit their website:

If you want more information on the Volunteers of America of Illinois, visit their website: