Woman finds new kidney on Tinder

TAMPA, Fl. -- It's a popular dating app, but it turns out Tinder can be a life-saver.

A mother of two in Florida desperately needed a kidney and found a donor through the app..and she wasn't even on it.

It all started with Rich O'Dea, a single guy from Tampa Florida, looking for a connection on Tinder and when he matched with 35-year-old Jennifer Thomas, he says there was an instant spark.

"I thought Jennifer was a pretty girl. We had many mutual friends and it's always a good sign so I swiped right," he said.

They made plans to go to on a date - where Rich opened up to Jennifer about Erika Bragan, his best friend's wife.

The 47-year-old mother of two, suffering from a rare kidney disease, was in desperate need of a transplant after being on the list for nearly three years.

"Jenn had such a positive response to talking about Erika and her family and she seemed genuinely interested in helping out in any way she could," said O'Dea.

"All that happened was we had a conversation about it," said Jennifer. "He told me about her and I wanted to do something."

Just a few days after that date, Rich told Erika and her husband Scott about a complete stranger willing to help.

"One day he casually mentioned that there was someone who had come forward and would be tested," said Erika.

In the end, Rich and Jennifer didn't turn out to be the perfect match but after months of testing, Jennifer and Erika turned out to be, for a kidney donation.

"It feels incredible to be able to help," said Thomas.

Erika is set to get her new kidney in just a week.

"There are really people out there that do things for other people," she said.

"It's been a blessing and a miracle," said Scott Bragan.

One simple swipe is saving a life and creating an unbreakable bond.

"Going on a Tinder date, maybe having a romantic relationship, that's great, I mean that's wonderful. A lot of people do that, but I've gained something a lot better," said Jennifer.
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