Val, Ryan and Ji's Top Baby Gifts

Val, Ryan, and Ji couldn't end the show without doing something special for the entire audience filled with moms-to-be and new moms.

Val shared her must-have holiday gift for parents: Abiie's Huggs Carrier, $129

The Huggs Carrier includes special hip seat technology. There's nothing more important than the happiness of your child. The carrier booster seat provides all-day comfort, and keeps your baby ergonomically seated in a healthy hip position. There is a double-layer center panel on the carrier. Easily folding up for added heat, the double layer of the center panel folds down, exposing breathable 3D mesh for fresh air, and also stays dry, keeping your baby comfortable at all times, be it a cool windy evening or a hot summer day. Parents have a hands-in connection to their child. Quick releasing the side buttons allows parents to place a hand inside the center panel, and offers parents an efficient, hands-on proximity to their newborn. The padded shoulder straps help to evenly distribute your baby's weight in combination with the waistband to maximize parent comfort by alleviating pressure on the wearer's back and shoulders. To buy:

Ji shared her must-have holiday gift for parents: The Tranquilo Mat, $99.99 (large) & $84.99 (small)

The Tranquilo Mat was developed by a Boston maternity nurse and Happiest Baby Educator in 2017. It made its debut on ABC's "Shark Tank" in February, 2017. The mat mimics the womb, providing gentle vibrations and soft white noise, which activates a baby's calming response. From the car to the hotel room, it can be used in cribs, pack and plays, car seats, strollers, and more. It's lightweight, compact, and portable to fit in a diaper bag. This mat is tested in the USA and exceeds all CPSIA standards. It's also washable. The Tranquilo Mat is available in two sizes for $99.99 (large) and $84.99 (small)
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Ryan shared his must-have holiday gift for parents: The pee-pee teepee, $9.99 per pack of 5

The pee-pee teepee for the sprinkling weewee is a diapering accessory for newborn boys. 100% washable and re-usable. Each pack contains 5 pee-pee teepees. You simply place on his peewee during diaper changes to avoid unwanted 'sprinkling".
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