Indiana court allows children to adopt their new Christmas toys

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. -- A holiday tradition in one Indiana courtroom allows children to adopt their new Christmas toys.

More than 20 children brought their dolls, stuffed animals and action figures to Clark County's Circuit Court Saturday for a symbolic oath, promising to take care of their toys the best they can.

"My dad started the doll adoptions in the '80s with the Cabbage Patch craze, which was kind of fun," Judge Brad Jacobs told WDRB-TV. "And then Judge Carmichael, when she took the bench she took it over," said Judge Jacobs

With the increased number of blended families he sees, Judge Jacobs said the symbolism of Saturday's toy adoption is about more than just material things.

"So, I think it does help people understand the, just the differences in families anymore and it, it makes it real," Jacobs said.

The judges took photos with the children and their toys.

It's an event that they often talk about throughout the year.

"It's really exciting , the kids are always smiling, the parents are smiling," Jacobs said. "You walk out and your face hurts because you have been smiling and laughing for three hours. It's great."