New lane configuration on Eisenhower Expressway in effect at Jane Byrne Interchange

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Drivers faced a brand new traffic pattern Monday on the inbound Eisenhower coming in to the Jane Byrne Interchange, part of the ongoing construction project.

"In the previous configuration, we were building the Eisenhower pavement that was kind of right in the middle and so we've already built the pavement on the south, we've built the middle, now were are building the pavement the north so we have to shift traffic to the right to be able to do all of that," said IDOT engineer Steve Travia.

The changeover to the new configuration resulted in some lane reductions Sunday night and early Monday morning.

The left and center lanes will head to Ida B. Wells Drive, with access to the outbound Kennedy from the center lane, the right lane will access the outbound Dan Ryan Expressway. Drivers do have a little more time to make a lane change with this new setup.

The new pattern will continue for the rest of the year to finish the pavement.

"We will see some things that will begin to open up on the outbound Eisenhower work will be complete in the late summer," Travia said. "We will be able to open up the exit to Morgan Street as well as the second lane on the northbound Ryan to the outbound Eisenhower ramp will then be looking at opening up the Van Buren and Monroe Street bridges."

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It has been constant construction in the Jane Byrne Interchange for years. ABC7's Roz Varon takes a look at what's next for the project.

Several ramps on the Jane Byrne Interchange are set to open this fall, including the ramp from the inbound Dan Ryan to the eastbound Ida B. Wells Drive.

Also on the inbound Ryan, the ramp to the outbound Ike, the long flyover, the second lane opens this fall.

The Canal St. exit from the inbound Eisnhower opens in the fall and nd the Morgan exit from the outbound Ike opens this fall.

There will also some big closures next year, including the ramp from the outbound Ike to the outbound Kennedy, closing January 1 to December 1 2020.

The ramp from the inbound Ike to the outbound Kennedy closes May 1 to December 1 2020.
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