New Metra BNSF schedule goes into effect

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- The schedule for trains on the Metra BNSF train line changed Monday morning.

More than 2,000 riders chimed in on the new schedule and Metra said it made adjustments where possible.

Metra and other railroads across the U.S. are installing Positive Train Control on equipment, tracks and locomotives to meet federal deadlines. It would automatically stop as train due to issues like excessive speed, but the equipment takes serval minutes to initialize, which meant Metra had to adjust schedules.

"I didn't know about the schedule change, but I looked at the times on my phone and I saw I had another 15 minutes to sleep so that's what I did," said Metra rider Destiny Blanchard.

Kevin Merrihew missed his train in Naperville Monday morning and had to wait for another.

"I pulled up and realized that the 620 had now become the 613 and add another 20-25 minutes to the morning and I will get to the office about a half hour later," he said.

Elaine Nicolas also missed her train in Clarendon Hills.

"I'm adjusting by waking up a little earlier and making sure the lunches are ready in the evening and just like everything else, we'll have to roll with it, but it is an adjustment," she said.

Metra said they made changes to train arrival and departure times to address gaps in service and changed some train numbers. They have also removed and added stops in response to customer feedback. Metra also said they tried to address some overcrowding issues.
Metra has posted the final version of the new BNSF schedule HERE.

Some trains have been added while others have been eliminated for commuters coming from a big part of DuPage County.

View the full list of changes made to the BNSF as a result of customer feedback HERE.
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