Potholes damaging cars on Chicago streets

CHICAGO (WLS) -- With up and down temperatures, potholes are opening up more and more every day, and drivers are adding up the cost from the damage.

A huge crater located in the westbound lanes of 130th Street just east of the Bishop Ford Freeway, taking out car after car. ABC7 saw at least six cars with flat tires and as of 5 a.m. that hole was still not blocked off.

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If you suffered damage from a pothole, you can file a claim for reimbursement with the Office of the City Clerk.

The months of December through April are considered the heart of the pothole season, when the area typically sees the highest number of potholes.

"My granddaughter hit a pothole on the other side of the bridge and she was just stuck so I came to rescue her my wife took her to work and I'm sitting waiting for the tow truck," said motorist Dan Matejko. "There was five cars parked over there on the other side of the expressway and we thought it was an accident."

Tow truck drivers said they are seeing deep potholes all over the city. They said cars keep running over them because many are filled with water and difficult to see.

The city says it has crews working seven days a week to fix potholes like these and officials are urging people to report them to the city by calling 311.
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