Water main break creates mess in Bucktown

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A water main broke while crews were working on replacing it Monday morning in the Bucktown neighborhood, creating a mess for drivers and homeowners who got water in their basements.

Crews were in the process of replacing a 100-year-old sewer main when the break occurred shortly after 5 a.m.

"The new main that went in was just fine, the older main we tried to connect couldn't stand the stress of the vibrations and work and it broke," said Gary Litherland, director of public affairs for the Chicago Water Department.

The street was closed to through traffic, but residents were allowed to park overnight as long as they moved their vehicles before workers began in the morning. When the break occurred, the pavement collapse was hidden by darkness.

"The street was fine last night, a pipe burst apparently and there was water everywhere. I hopped in my car over all the water, tried to drive off because I just saw water, the car went into a sinkhole or something and collapsed and cops had to come and help me climb out of my car," said resident Yuri Moskovoy.

A hundred-year-old water main that broke in the Bucktown neighborhood Monday morning.

Even the tow truck got stuck in the broken pavement as it tried to pull the SUV out and a second tow retrieved both vehicles. There were no injuries, but several homes had water pour into their basements.

"We just woke up this morning our neighbor called us at 5 a.m. and basically we had water coming in our basement at all four sides. We went outside, water was coming up out of the sewer and pouring in our gangway and right into our basement," said resident Alex Weiner.

Residents with water damage should take pictures, call their insurance first and then contact the city if they want to file a claim.

The ongoing sewer repairs will continue for several weeks and the eight-inch main that broke was repaired by late Monday afternoon. Officials said if you see any water on the pavement, call 3-11 and don't park there.
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