Wisconsin train derailment: All but 1 car back on tracks

WATERTOWN, Wis. (WLS) -- Twelve of the 13 train cars that derailed and spilled hundreds of gallons of crude oil over the weekend are back on the tracks in southern Wisconsin.

Canadian Pacific Railway said the dozen cars will be moved to an adjacent site for evaluation. The 13th car will be scrapped because it could not be safely put back on the tracks.

Crews began installing track on Monday afternoon. Once that's done, trains will be able to pass through the area at reduced speeds.

After that, the railroad will start hauling away contaminated soil. Dozens of homes in nearby Watertown were evacuated Sunday afternoon after the derailment. Air monitors show the vapors are at safe levels, and residents could be allowed to return home as early as Monday evening.

On Saturday, a freight train near Alma, Wis., derailed spilling thousands of gallons of ethanol.

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