Couple climbs 2,300 feet to tie the knot on top of mountain

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There ain't no mountain high enough to stop Jamie and David Lamb's love.

Jamie Alperin, 29, and David Lamb, 33, threw conventional wedding ceremonies aside when they scaled a peak in British Columbia to get married on July 22. The 2,300 ft peak was chosen by the couple after they were inspired by rock climbing friends.

"Jamie had seen a video online created by her friends for Adventure Weddings and fell in love with it at the time," Lamb said. "The video resonated with us, and we wanted to do something in the same manner."

In the video seen above, Jamie and David share smiles and warm embraces as they begin to climb the mountain. Jamie is wearing a wedding dress and David a bow tie as they adjust their harnesses and make the climb. The experience proved to be very inspirational to the couple.

"You can overcome anything. Together you're unified with one rope, do it together and trust and communicate with each other the whole way up. It was incredible," Lamb said.

The experience was captured by photographer John Lloyd and videographer Dominic Gil of Encompass Films. Lamb said that they wanted to shift away from atypical wedding ceremonies.

"It wasn't planning dinner cloths and who was going to be invited. It was about coming together and doing a sport that truly unites a couple."

Once Jamie and David made the peak, the ceremony was officiated by professional skier Pep Fujas. After the ceremony concludes, the newly married David and Jamie Lamb pop open a bottle of champagne, and enjoy the breathtaking views on top of the peak.

David is a financial advisor and Jamie is a registered dietitian and owner of Dietary Designs. The couple resides in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

Take a look at the video above to see the adventuring couple tie the knot on their harnesses and their love.