Memorial Day Travel: Record number expected to pack roadways for holiday weekend

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Memorial Day weekend is here and millions of Americans will be on the move.

The Illinois Tollway alone is expecting 8 million vehicles. AAA says a record high numbers of traveler are expected this holiday weekend, which means depending on how your travel, get ready for long lines and or traffic, especially on the roadways.

The majority of travelers are expected to get to their holiday destinations by car, an estimated 37.6 million.

As for gas prices, AAA says this year they are lower than last. Across the state, gas prices are just under $3 a gallon, with the exception of Chicago where they are a bit higher.

While AAA says these lower prices are good for those traveling by car, the main reason for the spike could be economy related.

"People feel secure in their job situation, the housing market is very stable, they have disposable income and people love to spend disposable income on travel," said AAA spokesperson Beth Mosher.

AAA this is the second largest Memorial Day travel weekend they have on record, so expect not only busy roads, but train stations and airports as well, with more than 3 million expected to travel by air.

Here in Illinois, AAA says we will expect to see 2.1 million travelers this weekend. AAA says the worst time to travel is Friday between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.
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