Top 5 secrets to getting the best price on holiday travel

CHICAGO -- The holidays are just around the corner, and that means it's the busiest, and most expensive, travel time of the year. Jeanenne Tornatore from Orbitz stopped by to tell us about the "secret week" to book flights the cheapest.

Top 5 Secrets to Getting the Best Price on Holiday Travel:

1. Know the Less-Traveled Days. Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest and most expensive so try to avoid that. Monday of Thanksgiving week will be the cheapest day to travel, and on the actual holiday is another good option. For Christmas, December 23 will be the cheapest, with the 27 being the most expensive day to fly. New Year's Eve travelers will find the best deals on December 31.

2. Book early EARLY morning flight. Booking early morning flights are statistically more on time and no congestion and delays

3. Avoid connections; or if necessary, plot them carefully. Check your search results carefully for sufficient time during layovers, and build in some time for flight delays and weather.

4. Plan Your Holiday AFTER the Holidays. Plan for the week after holidays if you have flexibility. Airfare and hotel will be significantly cheaper, and the crowds at a minimum.

5. Package It. Find savings by booking your airfare/hotel/car together as a package; suppliers will discount rates for inventory they need to move as part of a package deal.

Go to www.orbitz/com/holidays for the calendar of cheapest days to book holiday airfare, busiest airports, top holiday destinations, coupon codes for hotels, and even holiday games to play while you're en route to see your family this holiday.