Tropical Storm Nestor leaves behind path of destruction along Florida's Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Nestor made landfall along Florida's Gulf Coast early Saturday, spawning several tornadoes.

As Nestor traveled toward the Gulf Coast on Friday, officials in New Orleans weren't taking any chances amid fears that strong winds could bring down two cranes damaged in the Hard Rock Hotel construction site collapse.

Crews were scheduled to use explosives to take down the cranes on Saturday, but the demolition has been postponed until Sunday.

Along Florida's Gulf Coast, the tropical storm sent debris flying in parts of the Tampa Bay area.

Strong winds flipped over a semi-truck and brought down power lines, knocking out power to thousands of people.

The dangerous storm surge flooded streets and local businesses.

The storm comes one year after Category 5 Hurricane Michael struck Florida's panhandle, making landfall in Mexico Beach. Residents there are still struggling to recover from the devastation.

Nestor is expected to continue moving up the East Coast, bringing heavy rains to the Mid-Atlantic States before moving off shore by Monday.