Culture, confidence, self-love inspires this Latina-founded skin care brand

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Uviña ("you-vee-nuh") Skin is a Latina-founded skin care brand inspired by culture, confidence, and self-love.

Uvina includes face cream, soothing serum and a facial bar.

It has gotten a small business boost thanks to PR4Good.

Jelitsa Legarreta discussed her clean beauty brand which she launched during the pandemic.

Legarreta was frustrated with the lack of Latina representation in the skin care industry and brought her background in nursing and culture to Uvina.

"Uvina Skin began to unfold when my young daughter Scarlett began sharing in my nightly skin care routine. She would pull back her beautiful curls and apply oils and creams, just like her mama," Legarreta said on her company's website. "As I began to research the ingredients in my products, I grew frustrated and disappointed. I found many harsh and unnecessary ingredients. My initial thought was 'This isn't safe for Scarlett.' But then I thought, 'If this isn't safe for Scarlett, when did it become safe for me?' After that, there was no turning back."
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