Can states, businesses require COVID vaccine passports?

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Thursday, April 8, 2021
Are COVID vaccine passports legal?
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ABC7 Legal Analyst Gil Soffer answers questions on the legality of COVID passports.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- By now, you have probably heard of vaccine passports. It's an app or document that shows proof of a COVID-19 vaccination before doing things like travel or going to a concert.

Now, two states have banned them calling it an overreach.

Gil Soffer, ABC 7 legal analyst, breaks down legal questions around vaccine passports.

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The White House has said the federal government will not mandate vaccine passports, but could Governor JB Pritzker implement a requirement? Soffer said Pritzker probably could because of a 1905 Supreme Court case.

Soffer said businesses can require vaccinations, but they have to make accommodations for people with sincerely held religious beliefs or medical reasons.