Service dogs help veterans with PTSD

CHICAGO -- One in five veterans suffer from PTSD and service dogs are a proven recovery tool for this disorder. 1pet1Vet is saving the lives of our country's veterans by pairing them with service dogs.

Chairman of the Board Kristi McNichol and army veteran Bridget Mcdonnell stopped by to share more. Plus, we had a special surprise for one veteran in our audience.

1Pet1Vet's mission is to save lives of our country's veterans through the connection, love, and support of specially trained dogs. They match a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of combat military service with a carefully selected canine.

The programs provide veterans with the guidance and tools they need to train their new canine companions free of charge. By including the veteran in their canine's training, a deeper bond between the veteran and the canine is established, enabling the veteran to become a part of their own recovery. Through the healing effects of dogs, they can save lives of our country's heroes.

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