Caught on video: Comedian attacked on stage during stand-up

The laughs and applause were put on pause at a comedy club in South Carolina after a comedian on stage was attacked.

Comic Steve Brown was performing Sunday night when witnesses said they noticed someone in the crowd "staring into space."

" I saw the guy was getting up from the table. So, when the comedian said, 'This ain't what you want.' The guy was coming toward him and trying to get to the stage. He was trying to keep the guy off. The guy came around toward my table and jumped over my table to get to the stage," Tumika LaSha said.

LaSha said the man in the crowd threw punches, then picked up the mic stand and stool.

Deputies said several people were injured, including Brown who posted a video on Instagram about the incident that night.

"I'm sure y'all saw the video, and I'm good. I'm great. Y'all saw the skills? You know, the duck and move skills? But I'm going to tell y'all right now, some of these comedy clubs gotta be held accountable for lack of security," Brown said.

The comedy club wouldn't comment on Brown's video or the incident itself.
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