VIDEO: Florida deputy chokes father with baby: 'Quit f-ing with me, boy. You hear me?'

DANIA BEACH, Fla. -- Bodycam video shows a Florida deputy choke a man in front of his 9-month-old son.

In July 2017, deputies responded to a call about an intoxicated woman at a Dania Beach motel. WPLG said that's where came across the father, Allen Floyd, while he was sitting outside, holding his baby.

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The video was recorded by a body camera worn by a Broward County sheriff's deputy, identified by public defender Howard Finkelstein as James Cady. The video shows Cady yelling at Floyd, who was sitting on a curb with his son.

"I'm going to call child services on this kid," Cady said in the video. "Quit f***ing with me, boy. You hear me? Get your ID. Now!"

Later in the video, Floyd asks, "Why you being so hostile?"

"Because you're giving me s***!" Cady responded.

In his report, Cady wrote that Floyd "refused to cooperate and would not identify himself."

But the video shows Floyd did state his name.

"My name is Allen Floyd. You can look me up," he said.

After Floyd asked the deputy, again, to stop yelling in front of his baby, things turned physical. The video shows Cady grab Floyd while he was still holding his son.

A female deputy told Floyd to hand over his child, then Cady took Floyd by the neck and shoved him into a vehicle. The argument continues, with the baby crying in the background.

WPLG said this isn't the first time Cady's actions have been called into question.

In 2011, a grand jury found a Weston man was wrongfully arrested by the deputy. A complaint alleged Cady "...ran across the street, tackled the Plaintiff..." and Tased him.

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony confirmed in a letter that an internal investigation into the 2017 incident is underway.