VIDEO: Thieves drive car out of West Loop apartment parking garage

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Surveillance video captured two thieves driving a car out of a West Loop apartment building parking garage while its owner was blissfully unaware inside his home.

Surveillance cameras show it clear as day: a gray sedan pulls up to the exit of the parking garage in the 700-block of West Madison Street. When the arm of the gate won't lift, someone gets out of the passenger side and attempts to jiggle it loose, unsuccessfully. So the driver gives it a go before pressing buttons on the control box.

Eventually the car gets close enough to trigger the arm, and the pair drives right out.

"I came out to my car on Monday morning and found that it was not there," said owner Ryan Bertrand.

Confused, and a little frantic, he began searching the garage attached to his building.

"I went up and down the different flights of stairs and just checked everywhere to see if it was there," he said.

Then he turned to the parking garage's security team. His car, with the two thieves inside, had scanned out of the space shortly after midnight Monday morning.

"I was blown away," Bertrand said. "Just to see two people driving your car out of the structure that's attached to your home, I felt quite unsafe."

"I want to make sure where I live is safe," said Ni Tran, who also lives in the building. "Hearing that seems as though they could go into the apartment, not just the garage."

No one is currently in custody. Area Central detectives are investigating.
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