VIDEO: Woman trapped in burning pickup after suspected drunk driver slammed into truck

HALTOM CITY, Texas -- Dramatic dashcam and bodycam video out of Texas shows a pickup burst into flames after a suspected drunk driver crashed into it. Police officers ran to the burning truck to save an innocent woman trapped inside.

The Haltom City Police Department released the video on Thursday, hours after the late-night crash. Officers started following an erratic driver around 10:40 p.m. Wednesday, WFAA reports.

A high-speed chase ensued after the male driver refused to pull over. Officers lost sight of the vehicle, but eventually spotted it again, speeding south on Denton Highway.

The driver slammed into the back of a blue Dodge pickup. The woman driving had stopped to make a left turn. The truck immediately caught fire.

"When you see the initial explosion, you think that there's nothing left of the car," Haltom City Sgt. Eric Peters said.

The driver police were chasing was taken into custody, but the woman in the pickup was knocked out by the force of the collision and wasn't responding to officers. As burning fuel poured out of the truck, officers tried to break the driver's side window and pulled out fire extinguishers to try to put out the flames.

"Hey, can you hear me?" a female officer yelled to the woman trapped inside. "Hey, come on! Come on. Come on. I hear you. Get out! Get out. Come on, it's on fire! Come out. You're gonna burn up."

A short time later, the woman woke up, screaming in pain. KTVT reports she suffered internal injures. Police managed to shatter the window and pull her to safety.

"It's extremely dangerous because that vehicle could have exploded at any time," Peters said. "For them to be up there trying to pull somebody out, that's what we get paid for, but that's what we do."

The suspected drunk driver walked away from the crash with a bloody face and a few broken bones. He and the woman, both 30 years old, were taken to the hospital for treatment. They are both expected to recover.

The man was arrested on intoxication assault charges.