Indoor dog park opens in Naperville

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Wag 'N Paddle offers dogs a place to play, swim and bathe year-round. The indoor dog park has plenty of space for pups to run, climb obstacles, and socialize with other dogs.

"When it's super hot or rainy or super cold you can come in here," explained co-owner Shannon Bergman.

She added that staff keep an eye out for misbehaving dogs to ensure safe play (in addition to a vetting process with temperament test before dogs/owners can become members). These safeguards drew Chris Ferron, his wife, and puppy Hank to the park.

"We didn't like the outdoor dog parks because they weren't as controlled," said Ferron, adding, "this was an opportunity to get him in, get him swimming."

Wag 'N Paddle employees guide the dogs in the pools, helping them perfect their paddle.

When you're done playing for the day, bring your dog into the bath room for a scrub and rinse.

The park membership is $70 a month; swim lessons cost extra. There are other pool-specific and bathing-only membership options on the park's website.
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