Walgreens pays Chicago couple $75k for losing their home movies

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Saturday, July 15, 2017
(FILE) A Walgreens store in Boston

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Walgreens was ordered to pay a Chicago couple $75,000 on Thursday for losing 28 VHS tapes worth of home movies the couple brought to Walgreens to convert to DVDs.

Jamie and David Schwartz took their family's VHS tapes to a Walgreens store in the 2300-block of North Clark Street in September 2014 after seeing an advertisement for VHS to DVD conversion.

The store moved to a different location in the 2500-block of North Clark Street shortly after and admitted that the tapes were destroyed during the move.

Walgreens claimed they were only responsible for replacing the cost of blank tapes, not the sentimental value the tapes contained.

The judge disagreed, awarding the couple $75,000.