Walmart employee fired after allegedly locking co-worker in freezer at Elgin store

ELGIN, Ill. (WLS) -- A Walmart employee in the northwest suburbs was fired after being accused of locking a fellow employee in a freezer this weekend as part of an apparent prank.

Still shaken, Dymond Moore, 21, has been staying with her mother for the past couple days.

Moore, who works at the Walmart in Elgin, was about an hour and half into her shift Sunday morning, putting some grocery items in a walk-in freezer, when she says a co-worker locked her in it.

"He saw me in the freezer, when I bring my cart in, I always leave the door wide open," Moore said. "We made eye contact and he shut the door. As soon as he shut the door, the lights went out."

In the pitch black darkness, Moore said she could not find the freezer's emergency exit button.

"I'm anemic. When the cold air was hitting me, I was like, 'Oh my god.' So I'm banging on the door trying to get out of there," Moore said.

After a few minutes, another co-worker heard Moore and let her out. She said she saw the employee who locked her in a short time later.

"I walked onto sales floor ... he was standing there laughing," Moore said. "I asked him what was funny. He asked me, 'Were you scared?'"

A Walmart corporate spokesperson confirmed that the employee had been fired.

However, for Moore's mother, that is not enough.

"I want this boy to be arrested, to let him know not to lock people in freezer if they think it's a game," said Mary Evans, Dymond Moore's mother. "It's not a game."
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