Marvel Universe goes undercover with classic sitcom-style in 'WandaVision'

The Marvel Universe goes undercover with a classic sitcom style in "WandaVision" - and you can stream it now on Disney Plus.

Co-stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany from The Avengers talk about the show that's full of surprises and TV flashbacks.

"What I can tell you is, two super-powered beings have been dropped into an idyllic, black and white, 1950's suburban town," said Bettany, who plays Vision.

They appear to be in some sort of sitcom and then they begin to realize that they're hurtling through the decades at breakneck speed week by week until Vision begins to think there's got to be something wrong here.

"I think the DNA through and through in our show is 100% Marvel. I believe the way we are unraveling a story about these two characters is completely unique and unlike what we're used to," said Olsen, who plays Wanda. "I immediately was excited because of the comic book references that we're pulling here."

Vision and Wanda living a suburban life with their family is a huge part of their journey in the comics.

"It's going to be incredibly satisfying for people who know and love, dyed in the wool, Marvel fans because they're going to get to see the Marvel Universe in a whole new light," Bettany added.

You can see "WandaVision" now on Disney Plus.

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