Chicago basks in record-setting temperatures

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Temperatures on Sunday reached into the 60s in the Chicago area, breaking record highs and continuing our unseasonably warm winter.

However, the warm weather won't last long. Monday will be in the 50s, and snow is expected on Tuesday.

On Sunday at O'Hare International Airport, temps hit 62 degrees, one degree warmer than the record. At Midway International Airport, temps hit 64 degrees, breaking the 59 degree record.

In Chicago, as always, when a nice day comes in the middle of winter it's like the whole city comes out at once. Ice skaters downtown shed their coats and folks flocked to the city's parks and along the lakefront to enjoy the rare 60-plus degree February day.

"We had a fun morning at Maggie Daley," said Robert Mallin. "Breakfast at Eggy's Diner and now we're going to the zoo."

The winds were quite blustery, but nothing like last week and certainly not enough to keep people off their bikes or away from the running path.

"I love the sun. Love it. Love it. Love it," said Pat Pappas. "Can't wait for it to come on a more permanent basis."

This has been an unusual winter for sure. Snow has been scarce and temperature extremes absent. Even the out-of-towners seem a little shocked, though clearly not complaining.

"This is phenomenal," said Sue Olsen. "We've been planning this for six months and we thought we're going to be walking in snow. Dragging our luggage in the ice and snow and not a bit. We're talking our coats off. We've been saying all weekend how blessed we've been."
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