Chicago could see least snowy February ever

CHICAGO (WLS) -- We haven't seen snow of any significance in the Chicago area since mid-December.

While some are celebrating this mild winter, it's been a rough season for anyone who makes money removing snow.

The last time we saw over an inch of snow was on December 17. Since then, we've gone 59 days without an inch of snow, experienced our sixth least snowy January on record and are now on pace for what could possibly be the least snowy February ever.

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In Downers Grove, the savings from not having to clear snow is really adding up.

"If we're in snow operations for a period of about 24 hours, it costs the village approximately $30,000. So, by the virture of all these days that we're having with no snow, we're essentially saving that amount every day," said Stan Balicki, Village of Downers Grove.

But for private snow plow operators, the lack of snow means very poor business. Briggs Paving owns more than 40 snow removal vehicles. Most of the winter, they've sat unused in a parking lot.

"Financially, we're down from a business standpoint. All the families who rely on the snow as their livelihood in the winter season, they're hurting, too," Jim Briggs said.

With just two weeks to go in February, there are still no signs of significant snow in the foreseeable future.
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