Chicago Weather: Brutal cold moves in ahead of weekend snow

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Chicago is getting hit with a winter double-whammy. The single-digit wind chills on Friday will be followed by snow this weekend. (WLS)

Chicago is getting hit with a winter double-whammy: the single-digit wind chills on Friday will be followed by snow this weekend.

Most of the area will only see flurries now through Saturday afternoon, but better snow chances arrive overnight, ABC 7 meteorologist Larry Mowry said. The latest models show a dusting to 1 inch on the ground by 8 a.m. Sunday morning, with some areas seeing as much as 2 inches.

On Sunday, snow showers in the morning will persist into the early part of the afternoon, with the Illinois side of Lake Michigan possibly picking up some lake-enhanced snowfall.

In all, most areas will see 1 to 2 inches of snow, with some areas near the lake seeing closer to 3 or 4 inches.

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While it will warm up into the 30s on Saturday afternoon, the nasty cold was a slap in the face for people trying to get to work Friday morning.

"It's painful, I would say. It's just like, you feel like you're getting frostbite. I know I'm not getting frostbite, but I feel like I am," said Alaina DeBona.

Utility workers were bundled up tight, working in the freezing temperatures before dawn. Trash collectors hurried to make their rounds and people struggled to keep warm at the bus stops.

"Well born and raised in Chicago, you gotta know how to dress and know how to come outside. I have long johns on, warm gloves and a scarf to keep your neck warm and you'll be alright," said Jamal Arnold.

With wind chills below zero, Jordan Walters was shivering. He forgot to check the forecast and forgot his coat.

"I usually check the weather, but I totally forgot, so on this particular day, no I didn't, but usually I do," he said.

Meanwhile the Chicago River is no longer frozen, just steaming from the cold, with highs only in the low 20s.. Uber driver Shatona Kerney is used to all of the ups and downs.

Chicago, it's normal for us to have the cold, the warm, the cold, so it's expected," Kerney said.

And now to top off the cold, snow is on the way this weekend.

"Well if it's cold anyway, then let it snow, at least it's a pretty picture," said Susanne Vaniersel, who is from the Netherlands.

Some light snow/dusting is possible Friday night. On Saturday, there will be some scattered light snow and then snow showers early on Sunday. The snow totals for Sunday night are expected to be between 1-3 inches of snow, with up to 4 inches possible in some areas.
Chicago has not had a lot of snow this winter but the supply of road salt is shrinking. That's because much of the salt supply is being sent to Indiana and other states in the Midwest that have had more snow.
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