Chicago Weather: Cold Saturday, but warm-up coming again

CHICAGO (WLS) -- After a week of spring-like, record-breaking warm temperatures, Saturday was much colder.

Temperatures dipped into the 20s on Saturday, but the cold will not last long. Temperatures could be above normal again by Sunday afternoon, said ABC7 meteorologist Phil Schwarz.

While there were still a few flurries on Saturday, February is on track to be the least snowiest in Chicago.

Snow is slated for the possibly Thursday night into Friday, but earlier in the week will be warm with Tuesday expecting to reach 60 degrees.

WATCH: ABC7 First Alert Weather Forecast

A 40-degree difference from last week has caused weather whiplash among some Chicagoans.

The hats, hooded parkas, gloves and scarves returned on Saturday. Gone were the shorts and T-shirts from last weekend.

"Last week was like summer weather, today is not," said Amzi Clemons.

In Oak Park, a bar advertised snowy or sunny, you can still enjoy a beer. On Michigan Avenue near the Chicago River, a couple braved the cold for a coveted city skyline photo op.

Then, there was the mother and daughter visiting from California. They packed for last weekend's weather, more California winter rather than Chicago winter.

"It's a little cold!" said Shaina Fox.

Meanwhile, there are 22 days until spring.
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