Northern Lights may be visible from Chicago this weekend

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A natural phenomenon that is usually only visible several hundred miles to the north may be visible from Chicago this weekend.

There is a possibility of seeing the Northern Lights from the Windy City on Saturday, though that chance is small.

Forecasting the extent of the Aurora Borealis is difficult as there isn't really a great way to predict the extent of the energy coming from the sun and how it will interact with the Earth's atmosphere.

The latest forecast calls for the potential for the Northern Lights to be seen as far south as Northern Illinois. But there are some limiting factors for us here in Chicago.

The time when the Northern Lights would be visible for Chicago would be before sunrise Saturday and also Saturday night.

Clouds will be increasing Saturday night, so that timeframe does not look promising.

Skies will be clear Saturday between 2-6 a.m., which presents a small possibility of seeing the Northern Lights.

Here are some hints if you are out hunting for the Aurora:
  • Look toward the northern sky

  • Be as far away from city lights as possible

  • Bright moon will limit visibility
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