Chicago Weather: Strong storms move through area, roofs badly damaged in Grand Boulevard, Garfield Ridge

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Damage was reported in parts of Chicago and the suburbs as fast-moving storms with strong winds, heavy rains and hail moved through the area Wednesday afternoon and evening.

WATCH: Time-Lapse video of a wall of rain arriving in Chicago
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Watch a wall of rain move into Chicago from the top of the Willis Tower.

As of 9:30 p.m. ComEd said a total of 5,900 customers were without power in Chicago and the suburbs. Crews are working to restore power as fast as possible.


In Chicago's Grand Boulevard neighborhood approximately 200 people were displaced after the roof of a four-story, 90-unit building collapsed.

The Chicago Fire Department responded to the 5000-block of South King Drive. Part of the roof is missing, and debris can be seen littering the sidewalk outside. Fire officials believe the damage may have been caused by wind during a microburst.

"We're afraid that if we allow them to stay here, with the heavy weather that's coming in here later this evening there could be more compromise to the building," said CFD Deputy Chief of Operation Tim Walsh.

"There's no power on this whole street. So what are we gonna do?" wondered Shenika Flynn.

Flynn said the storm was fast, and no one expected it.

"You never think something like this can happen in Chicago. With all the big buildings you never think nothing like this can happen in Chicago," she said.

Residents were evacuated. CTA warming buses, city human resources officials and the Red Cross are at the scene.

Fire officials said they are concerned about structural damage to the building.


Downed power lines, falling branches that damaged cars, and blown-over fences were all reported from intense storms that lasted only five minutes.

Security cameras captured the roof of a home being blown into its front yard in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood. Fortunately no one was walking by at the time the debris hit the ground.

Eduardo Audiffred said his father-in-law called and told him to get home.

"The roof is missing. It tore the chimney. On the south side of the house part of the siding is gone and the water damage, leaking inside the house," he said.

Neighbors said the storm came and went quickly just before 5 p.m., leaving a lot of damage behind in the 5200-block of South Lotus.

"I was really worried about everything that was happening. I saw tree branches flying down the street, garbage cans. It looked bad," said neighbor Matthew Castle.

Several cars were damaged by falling tree branches, including Mary Galvan's 2014 Nissan Versa.

"It was so windy. The wind was so fast and it started to rain and hail and next thing I know my neighbors are coming upstairs telling me the tree branch fell on my car," she said.

The storms also moved through the suburbs, bringing heavy rain, hail and strong winds.

In Romeoville Renwick Road was closed between Route 53 and Weber Road due to downed power lines and poles.

Power lines were also knocked down in Crest Hill.

ABC7 meteorologist Larry Mowry said rain will taper off overnight into spotty showers.

As of 9:30 p.m. O'Hare International Airport reported delays of about 25 minutes and 201 total cancellations. Midway International Airport also reported delays of about 25 minutes and 37 total cancellations.

Wind gusts of 67 mph were reported at Midway and quarter-sized hail was observed falling there.

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