The wild side of winter in Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Check out some of the wild things Chicagoans do to survive winter in the city:

Dibs on parking

If you see a cleared parking spot on the street with chairs, milk crates or other random items, that's a clear sign to keep away. Someone worked hard to shovel their car out of that spot and it better be open for them when they come back! Just for the record, the city doesn't honor the system and crews might trash you dibs placeholders.
Shovel or else!
In Chicago and most suburbs, home and business owners who don't remove snow and ice from sidewalks around their property face possible fines. And you can report your negligent neighbors! Here is a link to Chicago's regulations on snow removal:

Wipers up
Don't be surprised to see parked cars with their windshield wipers pointing straight up. It makes it easier to scrape your windshield and prevents the blades from freezing to the window. There may be some risks however, so check with your mechanic or auto dealer.

That's a wrap
Chicagoans know gas bills skyrocket in the winter, so cutting down any drafts is crucial to saving money. Plastic wrap on windows and towels at the bottom of doors are some creative ways to cut down of chilly drafts. These aren't the best methods, but they are cheap. Check with your local home improvement store for more effective ways to insulate your home.

Blizzard no go
Stay off the roads during a blizzard! Take it from the hundreds of stranded commuters on Lake Shore Drive during an evening rush hour snowstorm in February of 2011. Listen to the meteorologists when they warn you about dangerous road conditions.

Pot holes surprises

Driver beware! Those pesky car killers could be hiding underneath snow and ice, so watch out!

Polar Plungers

Are they crazy? Polar Plunges in freezing Lake Michigan for charitable causes happen each winter. If that sounds fun to you, who are we to judge. The Chicago Polar Bear Club hosts their plunge this Sunday, January 27th. Perhaps it won't be quite as cold for the 19th annual Chicago Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Chicago athletes on Sunday, March 3, 2019.
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