Couple to be married after losing nearly 600 pounds together

ByJustin Sedgwick WLS logo
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Couple to be married after losing nearly 600 pounds together
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Ronnie Brower and Andrea Masella are getting married after a life-changing, weight loss journey.

Ronnie Brower and Andrea Masella have lost nearly 600 pounds on their inspirational weight loss journey together. Now, the Syracuse, New York couple has an even bigger reason to celebrate: they're getting married this weekend.

"Ronnie is the best guy I know and he's literally a dream come true," Masella told ABC. "He is just a true gem, he is the happiest person in the world and he just makes me a better person."

The couple met at Mission Fitness, and with the help of their trainers Nick and Jill Murphy, the couple dedicated themselves to losing weight and helping each other.

"Our first date was at the gym playing ping-pong and basketball," Brower told ABC. "We love to work out, she loves the healthy lifestyle."

Brower weighed 675 pounds and Masella weighed 250 pounds at the start of their respective weight loss journeys, and have now lost a whopping nearly 600 combined pounds between the two of them.

The couple is set to get married on Saturday, May 13, where Brower's trainer will even serve as his best man. The two are ecstatic for the occasion.

"We both leading up to this have not even been stressed about any details or anything like that, we're just excited to marry each other," Masella said. "We're just ready to do this, it's been a long time coming."