2 arrested in stabbing death of woman found on Bensenville golf course

BENSENVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Two people are in custody in the death of a 37-year-old woman found on a golf course in west suburban Bensenville, police said.

Cook County Sheriff's Department would not say what the relationship between the two suspects and the victim other than that one of the people in custody lived with the woman. Charges are pending.

Preliminary autopsy results showed the woman died from a stab wound to the back, the DuPage County Coroner said.

The coroner said there was no indication the victim had been beaten, as fire officials had said Thursday, nor any indication she had been severely beaten about the head as other sources had reported. The victim's family has not yet been notified and so her identity has not yet been made public.

A groundskeeper at the White Pines Golf Club discovered her body around 8 a.m. Thursday, dumped at the entrance to the golf course.

Police believe she was killed about three miles away, at an apartment building in the 11500-block of West Grand Avenue near west suburban Melrose Park.

A next-door neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, said the victim lived with her husband and that he constantly heard yelling coming from their apartment.

"Just going back and forth. You know? Stuff dropping in the house. They was always arguing and then make right back up," he said.

The neighbor said around 4 a.m. Thursday, he woke up to a loud thump next door and later found out his neighbor's body had been found at White Pines.

"It's just crazy, man. Hopefully he didn't do it, you know?" he said.

Mario Vega, another neighbor, said the couple moved into the apartment complex about six months ago. He said he did not notice any problems.

"They were very quiet. He loves his wife. We've never seen him argue or fight, so that's a complete shock when you hear something like that," Vega said.

No one is in custody. The Cook County Sheriff's Office did not say whether they had identified a suspect or person of interest.
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