Widow to DWI driver: 'They didn't just kill some random person, they killed someone's dad'

SPRING, Texas -- Ann Long is just beginning to process life without her husband, Stephen.

"I am now a widow and a single mom in my 30's, and that's not okay," Ann says.

Stephen Long was driving home Saturday when he was hit at a stop light near FM 1960 and Cypresswood.

Guadalupe Garza, 27, is charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Ann was staying at her mom's house when the accident happened.

"I sent him a smart aleck text, like, 'You are not answering your phone,' and I was like 'Well, I hope you have a safe drive home.' I thought if I didn't hear back from him, he's home. He's in bed. He's asleep," Ann said.

She found police at her front door the next day with the devastating news that Stephen was gone.
"There aren't the right words to describe this," she said.

Eight-month-old Logan is too young to understand his dad is gone.

"His eyes are exactly like his dad's," the widow says. "And it's like my husband is looking up at me, and it's painful."

Ann says Stephen loved Logan more than anything. Now Ann is trying to figure out how to move forward without him.

"I am dreading when he gets older and asks me where his dad is and I have to tell him what happened. I think about that and I think I don't know how I'm going to do that," she said.
She hopes by sharing their story, she can keep even one person from driving drunk.

"They didn't just kill some random person, they killed someone's dad," she said.

The suspect is next expected in court May 29.
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