Will County deputies get new high-tech training

The Will County Sheriff's Department has a new high-tech tool to improve training for its deputies.

The use of force simulator created by Ti Training puts deputies in real-life law enforcement scenarios without them leaving the classroom.

"Dealing with split-second decisions you have to think about reaction time versus action time," said Sergeant Steve Formenti.

The simulator offers hundreds of scenarios with thousands of outcomes.

"What we are doing again is listening to how the officer is interacting with the subject on the screen and we would make a determination in that time how we want the subject to react," said Steve Holmes from Ti Training.

The department will require all 460 deputies to go through the training four times a year.

"A lot of the scenarios we see on the screen are similar to the scenarios that we see out on the road," said Deputy Martin Stortz.

The interactive simulator gives deputies the opportunity to make their mistakes when no one's life is on the line.

"We know we are not perfect. No one is. We know there is a lot of negative publicity on law enforcement these days. We take those serious here. We listen to those opinions," Formenti said.
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