Windy City Law: You can't say that

Attorney Louis Cairo, managing partner at GWC Injury Attorneys, visited WCL to talk about three crazy legal stories in the news.

Story 1: Colorado Panel Nixes $940K Injury Verdict Against Taxi Comp

A Colorado man is hit by a stolen taxi. He sues for damages and is awarded $940,000. But an appeals court reverses that decision and throws out the award saying the taxi cab company did not have a responsibility to protect the man hit on the street. How is that possible?

Story 2: He Disparaged The Police on Facebook. So They Arrested Him
A New Hampshire man got angry at his police chief. He goes on the local newspaper's Facebook page and calls him "a dirty cop." The police arrest him and charge him with criminal libel. So what's the legal basis behind that? Lou explains.

Story 3: How Many Burger King "Meals For Life" Is Too Many?
An Oregon man gets locked in a Burger King bathroom for an hour. When he finally gets out, the manager promises him free food for life. He accepts. Two weeks later he says the free food was cut off because a supervisor didn't approve. So he files a whopper of a law suit. Does he have a case?

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