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Monday, July 26
(Encore) Darby Lynn Cartwright is in for our last "Mondays Are A Drag" host chat, and NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen sits down with Ryan and Val.

Tuesday, July 27
(Encore) Actor and comedian Peter Kim is in for host chat, and American Idol contestant Leslie Hunt performs.

Wednesday, July 28
(Encore) B96's Kenzie K joins for host chat, and actor and Chicago native Harry Lennix discuss his work with the AAMPA museum.

Thursday, July 29
(Encore) Diane To Tell Ya is back as Ms. Diane joins for host chat, and we get tips on motherhood from Sharon Feldstein and Patsy Noah, the moms of Jonah Hill and Adam Levine.

Friday, July 30
(Encore) It's a full-hour Father's Day roundtable, featuring WGCI's Leon Rogers, comedian Joey Villagomez, and entertainment host Justin Roman.

Monday, August 2
(Encore) It's an hour of couples roundtable, featuring Jenny "Mama Fresh" LeFlore and her husband Obie, and actor Mark DeCarlo and actress Yeni Alvarez.

Tuesday, August 3
(Encore) WGCI's Tone Kapone is in for host chat, tech expert Jessica Naziri offers tips on downloading apps, and The Shades perform.

Wednesday, August 4
(Encore) Actor Tristen J. Winger joins for host chat, and father-daughter duo Jim Karas and Olivia Karas discuss their new book "Confessions of a Division-1 Athlete."

Thursday, August 5
(Encore) Sports reporter Jason Goff joins for host chat, and Richard Roeper tells us what movies to watch this weekend.

Friday, August 6
(Encore) It's our 10th anniversary episode! Join Ryan and Val as they reflect on 10 years on the air,