Tips for a budget wedding in Chicago

Chicago was just ranked the second most expensive city to have a wedding, the average cost being over $60,000! With wedding season upon us, everyone is looking for ways to stay within their budget. We have tips to help you save money and even get some things for free.

Lifestyle blogger Cheryl Leahy joined us for Freebie Friday!

- Get your wedding dress for FREE!
- Rent bridesmaid dresses from Rent the Runway
- Use referral credits from Rent the Runway on bridal gown
- Borrow from a friend or relative

COCKTAILS (food and beverage is 50% of budget)
- Find a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol
- Swap expensive champagne for less expensive champagne
- Binny's lets you return all unopened purchases!

- Use free online templates to print your own
- Use an embossing tool to embellish the table numbers

- Use Christmas lights, buy on sale after holiday
- Decorate mason jars, spaghetti sauce jars, pickle jars
- Make your own centerpieces with Dollar Store items
- Order small cakes from Sam's Club for each table instead of expensive cake

- Grow your own or pick wild flowers
- Make your own tissue paper flowers
- Grab them from church after a holiday, Christmas, Easter, or baptism
- Share with another bride from that same weekend

- Get rights from photographer to your digital photos
- Use the app Wed Pics to set up a free account for guests to upload
- Use Hashtags and Dollar Store props to create an Insta-Booth instead of paying for a booth

- Download the app to communicate with the wedding party and you get ad revenue back!

- They can help find ways to save you money

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