Winter beauty products to keep your skin looking its best

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The cold weather is upon us and it's here to stay. Despite the dropping temps and the dry air, we still want to maintain healthy and glowing skin though Chicago's frigid months.

Beauty expert Karen Firsel dropped by the ABC 7 studio to share some of her must have and favorite products to help us get through the winter season and looking our best.

Hand Held Skin Devices will be HOT in 2017: DERMAFLASH
a. Dermaflash is a revolutionary handheld device, used at home, designed to offer the results of professional dermaplaning ---an exfoliation service normally offered in a medical office or spa.
b. This device relies on a gentle edge and subtle sonic vibration to sweep away dead, dull skin cells & baby fine hairs. The result is oh-so-soft and supple skin in five to 10 minutes.
c. Dermaflash gets rid of the layer of dry skin to reveal a new healthy layer--leaving radiant & glowing skin & allowing your products to work better.
d. Retails for $189 at Sephora, Neiman Marcus

At Home Skin Treatments-Professional results at home!
a. MD Complete: Non Irritating Pro-Peel is a 5-day skin regime that will help eliminate breakouts (hello, holiday stress!)

b. Gently exfoliates for smooth and soft skin and also nourishes skin for a brighter complexion
c. $19.99 at

Rewinding Your Skin: Anti-Aging Therapy
a. BioRewind is the new paradigm of anti-aging therapy. It's a duel formula-one for the morning and one for at night.
b. The AM Serum is the world's first full-spectrum antioxidant blend that blocks free radicals (which ages your skin faster)
c. The PM version has the coveted retinoid ingredient that encourages cell turnover and growth while you sleep.
d. Using both helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and uneven skin tone. This is your foundation of youth!

e. Sold at Sephora and Nordstroms

Oils ! Oils ! Oils! - Ayurvedic oils are a must-have beauty product for 2017
a. It may seem counter intuitive, but applying the right formula of oil to your skin actually is a beauty secret
b. UMA oils are founded on the ancient principles of herbal formulas for mind, body and spirit
c. They are 100% organic, vegan, free of parabens
d. Brightening Oil is made from rose and stimulates your cells to regenerate and counteracts dehydration
e. Pure Rest Oil tackles stress and exhaustion by using its formula to relax your body naturally. More rest = clear skin and daytime ready for products and or makeup.
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