Woman caught at US-Mexico border after stealing car with 2 kids inside

SAN DIEGO -- An 8-year-old San Diego girl is being commended for her bravery.

The girl confronted the woman who stole the car she was riding in.

"If you don't take us back to our daddy, I'll call police. Then I called 911. Then she threatened me and she said 'If you don't give me the phone, I'll drive in circles and crash into this car,'" the girl said.

Police said the father left the girl and a 3-year-old in the car Monday morning to go inside a store.

A woman jumped in and drove off.

The father chased after the car but couldn't get to it.

"I look and see my car make a right turn. I ran out into traffic.Almost caught the car, but she started driving erratically. I was just stuck in the middle of the street just crying and bawling," the father said.

The 8-year-old managed to call 911 from in the car.

Officers caught up with them, right before the woman could reach the U.S.-Mexico border.

She is facing charges.
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