Colorado woman charged over $5K for cup of coffee, still waiting for refund from bank

AURORA, Colo. -- A Colorado woman has been waiting for months to get a refund after being mistakenly charged more than $5,000 for a cup of coffee.

Lisa Angello ordered a cup of coffee as a treat at the Gaylord in Aurora, Colorado, on Christmas Eve. She said she had gone there with a friend from out of town and her children for ice skating.

The following week, she got an alert from her bank for insufficient funds. She initially thought it was fraud, and then noticed she had been charged more than $5,700 for the coffee.

"I realized that 570570 was the dollar amount put in twice," she told KMGH-TV in Denver.

What should have been a simple refund has become an ordeal attempting to get the matter resolved for more than two months.

Her records show the Gaylord admitted the mistake in January and claimed they refunded the money. Her bank, USAA, doesn't have it. The bank initially gave her a credit for the $5,700, but took it back out of her account later.

After KMGH-TV investigated, the money was returned to her account as a provisional credit, Angello said. She said she just wants the issue rectified and the funds returned to her permanently.