WomanISH: Chicago sisters behind pop-up art exhibit dedicated to womanhood

CHICAGO -- A pair of Chicago siblings are giving people a glimpse of the many facets of womanhood through their pop-up experience, WomanISH.

The sisters, Dionna and Danyelle Gray, created the exhibit to provide a safe space for women from all different backgrounds to connect with one another.

"WomanISH an experiential event," Dionna Gray said. "Our concept is themed around womanhood and that experience."

"There are so many different aspects that make up a woman, that's why it's WomanISH. No one thing defines a woman," Danyelle Gray added.

The exhibit is comprised of 16 female-created installations with names like FleurISH, MoodyISH and ConsumerISH. Each of them, breaks down a different facet of womanhood including sexuality, the pay gap, and the Pink Tax.

"Starting conversations like that, educating people on what's really going on. Once you have the knowledge of what's going on, that's how you bring about change," Dionna Gray said.

The pair plans to continue connecting with women from various backgrounds throughout Chicago, even when the exhibit ends Nov. 1.

For more information, check out wearewomanish.com.