Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series championship gear flying off shelves

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Cubs World Series championship gear is flying off the shelves at stores across the city after the Cubs' extra innings victory in Game 7 of the World Series.

At one Dick's Sporting Goods in Lincoln Park, customers were being asked to go through a lane created by caution tape inside the store leading to all the Cubs championship merchandise.

"It has the trophy, the World Series on it, everything," said Rosalyn Dougherty.

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The World Series swag includes new shirts featuring a giant "Fly the W" flag under the title world champions and another with a new slogan calling the Cubs "Lovable Winners."

Official Cubs World Series 2016 Champions shirt.

There is Cubs championship gear for all seasons, from T-shirts to winter hats.

"I have of course a pennant, always gotta buy a pennant, and I have one women's hat," said Linda Cabrales.

Cubs championship gear came off the shelves and out the door about as soon as new shipments arrived. At Sports World Chicago in Wrigleyville, there was a 20 minute line just to get in Thursday afternoon.

"We had to come and get everything, just wasted $400 on just Cubs stuff," said Lilly Sandoval.

Many were buying for several people in their lives.

"Me, myself, my cousins, my best friends, my uncles, my aunties and my mother," said Sandra Brown.

Three-year-old Zoe may not understand the historic World Series win for the Cubs, but her parents will make sure she and the rest of the family are properly adored.

"This is historical and we want the whole family to celebrate," said Kevin Kwan.

One man from Montana in line for Cubs gear was in very good spirits.

"Uplifting for me, I never thought I would live to see this," said Larry Hebenstreit.

Hebenstreit grew up in Illinois and as a Cubs fan. The win came as he was visiting Chicago for cancer treatments.

Hebenstreit said he has much to celebrate: his tumors are shrinking and with his Cubs World Series Championship T-shirt he is ready for the Friday's celebrations.

An MLB official told ESPN that the Cubs' victory is shattering merchandise records.

"We had our best month ever today," said Bob Bowman, president of business and media for Major League Baseball, told ESPN.

Bowman said that more Cubs World Series merchandise between the Cubs win and 3 p.m. Central Time than the previous record for gear sold in the league's best month of sales in November 2010 after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.

Sports Economist Allen Sanderson at the University of Chicago is an admitted fan and has consulted for the Cubs. But the economist in him says this good vibes may only have temporary financial impact on the team and the city.

A commemorative Cubs World Series bat by Louisville Slugger.

Louisville Slugger is selling 2,016 commemorative bats celebrating the Cubs winning the World Series. They will be sold at for $139.99. Louisville Slugger will also be selling full-size championship bats for $99.99 and mini bats for $12.99 at

Cubs championship cookies by Bittersweet Pastry Shop.

The Bittersweet Pastry Shop at Belmont and Sheffield avenues will be selling special Cubs championship cookies Thursday and Friday. The bakery is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.n. Thursday and Friday.

RizzO's cereal, featuring Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

PLB Sports will be selling "RizzO's" honey nut toasted oats cereal boxes celebrating Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo and donating half of the proceeds to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. Fans can buy the the boxes at

Fannie May is offering a commemorative Cubs milk chocolate bar, a Wrigley Field mix box. The Popcorn Factory has introduced a Chicago Cubs commemorative World Series popcorn tin.
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